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If you are or want to become a member of Cyclo Studio and you want to use our services/products, we like to make clear and transparent agreements with our customers. By signing up you declare to accept the general terms and conditions of Cyclo Studio and to act accordingly.

The General Terms and Conditions can be found at and can also be requested at any studio.

These General Terms and Conditions take effect from February 17, 2023 and are valid for any new subscription concluded from that date.

Cyclo Studio: This means Sprint Studios BVBA (0719.478.395) Belgium

Kortrijksesteenweg 1129, Sint-Denijs-Westrem 9051

Studio: The physical place where Cyclo Studio’s activities are offered.

Instructor: Our on-site employee who provides guidance for the sporting activities.

Effective Date: The effective date of your agreement is the same as the day of your enrollment.

Member: You can become a member at Cyclo Studio if you are a natural person and 16 years of age or older.

Agreement: the agreement created between Cyclo Studio and the member through enrollment.
These general terms and conditions belong to the agreement.

Turn cards formula: member makes one-time purchase of X number of turns to be used up within the provided period.

For a 10-turn card, the expiration period is 12 months.
For a 20-turn card, the expiration period is 18 months.

Subscription formula: through this formula, a member can subscribe unlimited Cyclo Studio classes throughout a given period.

  • You can become a member of Cyclo Studio in the following ways:
    1. At by completing the online registration form.
    2. At the studio, by completing the on-site registration form.

  • If you register through the website, at the subscription formula, you have the right to renounce your membership within 14 calendar days from the day of registration without giving reasons. You can do this by contacting us by mail & providing us with all necessary information.
    If you decide to cancel within 14 calendar days, and the membership has not been used during this period, the cancellation is free of charge. If the membership has been used during this period, Cyclo Studio may charge a prorated fee for the membership (from the activation of the membership to the day of the withdrawal, including any subscription fee).

1. Cyclo Studio has various forms of membership, all details of which can be found on our website ( All membership forms (except drop-in classes & First 2 rides) are entitled to free access to all indoor facilities of Cyclo Studio, this of course within the indicated opening hours.

2. We have two main formulas:

  • The turn card
  • The subscription formula

The turn cards allow free access to all Cyclo Studio indoor facilities + X number of visits to group lessons during the validity period of the subscription.

The subscription formula pays the member a certain amount per month and entitles him/her to free access to all Cyclo Studio’s indoor facilities + unlimited number of visits to group classes in a given period.

All our subscription formulas can be entered into for:
1. 1 year fixed with an automatic renewal if no notice of discontinuation is given indefinitely and with a payment per 4 weeks,
2. 1 year fixed, where the agreement ends automatically and you pay in one lump sum in advance.
3. a flexible variant: for 4 weeks fixed with an automatic renewal indefinitely, with payment per 4 weeks. You can enter into this flexible variant for an additional payment.

1. Cyclo Studio will indicate the opening hours for each studio. There may be circumstances in which different opening hours apply, for example in case of a holiday, a serious event or disaster. Sometimes we will then close a club. This may also be the case if, for example, we need to perform work in a club.
2. Cyclo Studio is entitled to change the opening hours of a studio temporarily or permanently, if there are objective reasons to do so. In the event of a permanent change, Cyclo Studio may do so unilaterally.
3. The opening hours can never later be raised as an absolute condition for entering into the contract. Nor will you be able to use such an adjustment to unilaterally terminate the agreement.
4. If after closure or relocation of a studio there is no other studio in a 10 km radius, you can terminate the agreement free of charge and without notice from the moment of closure or relocation.

1. If you move, you can continue to exercise at our studios.
If there is no studio within a radius of 10 km from your new home address, we will give you the opportunity to terminate your contract early, subject to a notice period of at least 4 Weeks. In this case, we will ask you to prove your new home address with a copy of the registration with your municipality (which may not be older than 3 months).
2. We hope you will join us in good health. You may make use of the option to suspend your membership for medical reasons with all membership types, under the conditions defined below: membership can only be suspended upon receipt by Cyclo Studio of a valid medical certificate (via email or by mail) indicating that the Member is temporarily unable to exercise fitness; the medical certificate will indicate at least 1 month of required suspension from the day the certificate is sent to Cyclo Studio.

The suspension takes effect from the day of receipt by Cyclo Studio and does not operate retroactively; the suspension is always for a definite duration and ends on the prescribed date of the medical certificate; the suspension shifts the duration of the contract by the period of the suspension.

3. If the medical certificate or proof of relocation is provided only after the initiation of legal proceedings to recover the membership fees due, they will no longer be accepted.

1. If within a subscription formula, you entered into an agreement for the duration of one year, you can terminate it no later than 4 weeks before the end of the term. If you do not do so, the agreement will be extended for an indefinite period of time and can then be terminated at any time without compensation subject to a notice period of at least 4 weeks.
2. If you have entered into an agreement that can be terminated flexibly, you can terminate the agreement at any time without compensation, subject to a notice period of at least 4 weeks, which will commence on the first day of the next 4-week payment period.
3. You can cancel your agreement in several ways. You can do this online via website or by email to
When canceling by e-mail you must mention your first and last name.
4. We strive to create an environment in the studios where everyone respects each other and rules are followed. If you do not comply with the terms of the agreement, or if you seriously and/or repeatedly fail to comply with the house rules or show unacceptable behavior, Cyclo Studio may deny you access to the clubs and terminate the agreement (immediately).

1. Practicing sports can involve risks. If you make use of our facilities, you must assess for yourself what you can handle. However, you remain responsible for the way you exercise and the choices you make. Use of the facilities is at your own risk. In case of (doubt about) physical conditions, we advise you to seek expert advice from a doctor or specialist to determine what is the right and feasible way of exercising for you.
2. Cyclo Studio & its employees are not liable for any material or immaterial damage resulting from an accident or injury you sustain in our clubs, when using our equipment with the exception of injury caused by acts or omissions of Cyclo Studio
3. We advise you not to bring valuables into the studios.
Cyclo Studio is not liable for damage, loss or theft of property.

1. Cyclo Studio makes every effort to serve everyone and want our studios to give as many people as possible access to sports facilities. If you have any feedback, we regret it but are happy to hear it. You can of course in the first instance turn to the instructor in our studios and in the second instance to Cyclo Studios customer service.

1. In order to execute your agreement we will have your personal data. Cyclo Studio will process your personal data properly and carefully and within the framework of the applicable laws and regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

1. Changes in your personal situation (e.g. address or bank details) should be communicated immediately via email to customer service.
2. If these changes are not communicated and Cyclo Studio has to incur costs to retrieve the new personal data, these costs will be charged to the member.

1. These General Terms and Conditions and all contracts entered into by or with Cyclo Studio are governed exclusively by Belgian law.
2. Any disputes arising from the agreement between the member and Cyclo Studio will be adjudicated by the competent court in the place where the studio is located.

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