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scratch & win?

Cyclo's biggest Christmas scratch game!

It’s that time of the year again, CHRISTMAS TIME!

That’s why Cyclo Studio is organizing Cyclo’s biggest scratch game together with some top partners. What do you need to do? Book your ride, scratch as hard as you can and see if you won one of our incredible gifts!

Discover all the prizes you can win during our Cyclo End of Year campaign here. Depending on the prize you won, we will provide additional explanations on how to redeem your prize. Enjoy the Christmas vibes!

Cyclo Studio kraslotjes

How can I win a prize?


Take your scratch ticket in hand and scratch to find out if you are among the lucky ones.

Did you win?

Do you have 3 of the same icons on your scratch card? Then you have won a fantastic Cyclo Christmas Gift!


Depending on the prize won, we'll give more explanation on how you can redeem your prize.

Cyclo's Christmas time,
Your favorite moment  of the year!

Our Christmas Gifts!

Decca cycling jersey


Shine in these beautifully designed Decca outfits of the best quality. At win free to choose via the website.

Contact this partner directly to redeem your prize.

Ono drink

Sparkling water, fruit aroma and a hint of alcohol. Pop, refresh and enjoy! Get a chance to win a free Ono!

Redeem your prize immediately with one of our instructors!

1 hour PT session

Karel Herman, top PT & physiotherapist, as well as one of our rockstar instructors at Cyclo Studio, treats you with 1hr of PT.

Ready to enjoy your gift? Contact Karel directly at or .

10 ride Cyclo abo

Cyclo Studio x Van Der Valk Afterwork Rooftop Edition

With the Cyclo Studio abonnement, you can get into any studio.

Visit one of our instructors and ask for your abonnement!

Cyclo t-shirt

Our Cyclo t-shirt will make you feel even more part of our cool community.

Get your own Cyclo t-shirt from one of our instructors. Ride’n Smile!

Cyclo Cap

Cyclo Studio Pet

Our Cyclo cap will make you feel even more a part of our cool community.

Get your own Cyclo cap from one of our instructors. Ride’n Smile!

Thrive 4-pack

Thrive beer

A refreshing non-alcoholic beer, with the necessary nutrients for optimal recovery. Stop choosing between what you want and what your body needs.

Ask for your Thrive beer from one of our instructors!

HiPRO shake


HiPRO drink, a delicious milk specialty with a fruity taste and rich in protein. Before, during or after a sports session, the choice is yours!

Ask your HiPRO drink from one of our instructors!

1 Year free Cyclo

Cyclo Studio 1 jaar gratis

Are you the winner of our super deluxe top prize? Get in touch with one of our instructors and redeem your prize!


The Christmas  vibe 

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