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Become  an instructor at Cyclo Studio!

We would love to offer you more teaching opportunities & variety! This is why we are still looking for some enthusiastic profiles who are open to training to become Cyclo Studio instructors.

You read it right, you don’t need explicit experience, our training program is here to teach you everything! Curious what we expect from a Cyclo Studio instructor? Discover it here!

Cyclo Studio,
Your  favorite workout of the day!

What does the perfect  Cyclo instructor look like?

🤩 You are an enthusiastic, smooth personality who can interact naturally with customers.

🔥 You have a passion for sports (athletic level is unimportant, do “like” sports).

👋🏼 You are willing to invest time in Cyclo Studio (the training/being instructor).

Do you enjoy exercising? Do you always go all the way? Do you think you are the perfect match for the Cyclo instructor team? If so, please contact us

Who isCyclo Studio?

Cyclo Studio offers a 45′ HIIT cycling workout at one of our outdoor locations. From playful rhythmic sessions to more data-driven power rides. Our rockstar instructors will continually push, support and motivate you. Our mission is to make our training your favorite part of the day.

Why outdoor  cycling?

1. Fresh air
2. Strengthens the immune system
3. Energy boost
4. Vitamine D
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